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What Our Clients Say About Us...


1.) We play well with others

Our clients and partners say we are a delight to work with. We are very proud of that.

"Paige is the best consultant we have worked with as a firm. I have personally partnered with her on multiple projects with large clients in which the client needs called for dynamic learning experiences with hundreds of participants. Paige was responsible for the creation and implementation of these learning experiences, including designing, building, facilitating and coaching. She is a master of her subject matter and terrific at knowing what she needs in order to deliver at the highest level. Our clients love working with Paige, she is comfortable with everyone from the CEO to junior staff. She is a true pleasure to work with and we consider her a trusted colleague of our firm."

John Philbin
Strategic Talent Solutions

2.) You need results. We make it happen.

"Partnering with Transegy, LLC we were able to deliver a personal experience to participants with system wide impact. The competitive simulation designed for our participants struck just the right balance of structure and flexibility to allow participants to engage as if it were their day-to day roles. This balance resulted in an engaging, fun experience where participants were able to see how their own actions and behaviors impacted the simulated business environment.

The simulation was then scaled to reach a broad multinational audience. Transegy was instrumental in supporting us run 10 simulated environments concurrently. The train the trainer materials and web tool they developed allowed business leaders to access the simulation materials, tailor a simulation to their specific learning objectives and prepare the simulation environment with minimal from the center."

Jordan Cohen
Senior Director

3.) We know what we’re doing. You can count on it.

"InterClass has had the pleasure of working with Paige Hinkson and Transegy, LLC as a member of our network of associates on many occasions. Her unique expertise in the arena of achieving learning through simulations and games is unsurpassed. Paige has enormous imagination and the flexibility to operate within the frame set by client requirements and budget. Her capacity to anticipate how a game or simulation will flow with actual participants is spot on. Paige's experience and diligence in the development process can be relied upon."

Robin Grumman-Vogt
Senior Director

4.) Your problems are tough, your situation unique. We get that.

"What a pleasure to work with Transegy, LLC on developing two simulations to help our employees understand how we make money in a regulated utility environment and how we must work together to allocate resources. Paige was very easy to work with, provided great insights and recommendations, and really did her homework to ensure the simulations were closely tied to our business and how we operate. Our employees learned a lot, all the while having a good time working through the simulations Paige designed. When we need to do something like this again, Paige will be the first person I call."

Mart Sedky
Great Plains Energy

Conference Room

5.) At the end of the day, it’s about the people.

Paige Hinkson is adept at writing simulations and one in particular has helped me personally to gain traction in many companies. The One Company Simulation is highly engaging and helps executives understand the balance between collaboration and competition, as well as the importance of setting strategic, company wide goals. Paige herself is a delight to work with - creative, warm and engaging.

Dr Liz Mellon
Executive Director

6.) TBI & Applied Neuroplasticity Coaching

Having Paige Hinkson coach me was simply the best thing I did after my accident. Her guidance in helping me build new skills, and ways of managing the changes from the TBI, is the most useful and helpful of any treatment I got. Working with a coach who has also survived a TBI allows for very easy communication and a level of understanding that would be hard to find elsewhere. I am very thankful that I found this resource.

Steve Waterloo
Founder & CEO

7.) Our work? We guarantee it.

You only pay us if you are happy with what we have achieved.